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Truth. Connection. Love.

This is the foundation of Celestial Soul Medicine. 

Healing takes place within your knowing that you are already whole as you are. The full presence of you is welcomed in my space and my wish for you is to experience and embody peace, grounding and healing Through Bodywork, Sound, and Energy.

Together we will call on the beauty and magic of who you so you that you may come home to yourself... body, mind and spirit..


Through a unique combination of Therapeutic Massage, Holographic Sound Healing and Crainosacral Therapy, each session received has the potential for the highest alignment to take place for you. These integrative sessions combined with your powerful intentions lead to deep transformation.

I am here, honored and ready for anyone that feels the call to experience this deep medicine with me. This is a place of rejuvenation, rest, nurturing energy and the return to your divine sovereignty.


I accept HSA

Summer Announcements:

Online booking for Saturdays available. 

*Call/Text to book during the week.

See you soon!

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